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Completionist Achievements list

Ability to check achievements needed for completionist cape and trimmed completionist cape, and see progress.

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Type-in HSL Values for Cape Designer

Being able to directly type in the number for hue, saturation, and luminosity would help customization tremendously.

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Cape Designer Color Palette Placement

It would be more functional if the popup color palette could be moved out of the way so that we can see the actual values of Hue, Saturation, and Luminosity change. Some of us already know the values, and since we can't type it in, trying to pick the correct color when the palette is covering the value makes it a hindrance.

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Spark of Fate
Clue Scroll - Daily Clue Completion

Allow us to check daily clues for each tier, average and personal record because clue scroll becomes more popular among our community now. Example like this:

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Completionist Cape

Currently the dropdown does 200m all. Shouldn't it be 99 all except dg/slayer/inv (farm/herb)??

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Cape Designer - Edit Saved Designs

I notice if you accidentally save a cape design or want to change a saved design, you can't delete/edit saved designs.

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