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Hi Everyone!

The past month has been quite hectic with the release of 2.0 and us working around the clock fixing the major issues that appeared over the course of the first couple weeks of the release. I'd like to start this post off by saying thank you to everyone who's stuck around through our rough patch and also thank you to those who've constantly made us aware of the issues that decided to appear. Now that we've managed to clear the first few weeks of the release, things have started to finally slow down a bit, thus letting us get back to our routine of developing new website features and of course slowly implementing the old site features once again. Below you will find a run down of the past few weeks as to what we've been up to and later on a run down of what to expect the remainder of this month.   

  • We've successfully managed to upgrade the website core to 2.0 and applying several stability related patches towards the new website core.
  • We've managed to do quite a bit of back end work on our server to allocate the new core and ensure future major issues are controlled to a minimum. 
  • We've had quite a few private discussions as to how we can grow the site further, and we will share our plan with you all once we solidify everything. 

Now that we've covered a brief summary of what the staff team has been up to for the past few weeks, it's time to explain a rough estimate of our road map for the rest of the month ahead. The following may not seem like much, however, we've decided to prioritize some of the larger updates and other necessary matters before going back to the smaller ones.

  • Implement a basic version of the website suited for Old School RuneScape.
  • Continue to apply patches towards issues that arise with our main site(rs3).
  • Continue last month's discussion as to how we could grow the website further.

Our next topic at hand is addressing the lack of communication over the past month in terms of updates. Whilst we've been quite busy working on several fixes throughout the day, we've resorted to announcing most of the updates that have occured in our discord. To make up for our lack of communication publicly towards those who are not in our discord, we've decided now would be a good time to mention the changes that have occured over the past month.   

  • Fixed several server confliction issues that resulted in several different parts of the website constantly breaking.
  • Fixed a few issues with the homepage sidebar.
  • Fixed several isses with the calculation profile page(calculation percentages, achievement badges, and more)
  • Added a search bar to the navigation menu for easy account searching.
  • Sidebar statistics are now formatted to be easier to read.
  • Redid part of the statistic calculation to reflect a more accurate result when compared to our database.
  • Fixed a few issues with the navigation menu(alignment outside of the container, username changes, and more)
  • Fixed an issue that caused images on the calculation profile page to break.
  • Limited the number of characters in the search field in the search bar to 12.
  • Updated recovery email template to be a bit easier to understand.
  • Added a friendly reminder to the register and login pages to remind users never to use their RuneScape credentials as their login credentials on our website.
  • Added an about us page to the website.
  • Added a staff team page to the website.
  • Added donation sidebar back to the website.
  • Added a terms and conditions page to the website.
  • Icons added to the login and register page input fields for easier recognition between the different fields.
  • Fixed beta banner size on desktop website view.
  • Update log system added ( for those who prefer a short hand summary of the changes to the website.

We should have covered everything that's gone on over the past month and would be more than happy to answer any of your questions or concerns in regards to the past few weeks. If you have any questions or concerns tweet us @Maxcapedotcom or join our discord server by clicking here

All the best,

Maxcape Team


Avatar raf42 Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Liking the new site. Small issue, if you click your username in the top right, the dropdown clips outside the screen bounds, forcing you to have to scroll over to it. To fix this issue, change "dropdown-menu" to "dropdown-menu dropdown-menu-right".

Also I'd love a dark theme/night mode.

But overall really impressed with the new layout!

Avatar minergoo Sunday, March 11, 2018

The website looks great! Thanks! I am glad to see this website back up and running.

Avatar reckles skil Thursday, March 08, 2018

New look amazing, great work. Was just wondering if there was going to be a feature added sometime in the future that allows oldschool players to track their progress on the site as well. Best of luck with future updates.

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