A New Era

Hi Everyone! 

Welcome to Maxcape 2.0! Whilst the past months have been quite busy for our team, we're happy to introduce you all to the new and improved website! Through a tiring amount of hours, we've completely rebuilt our site from the ground up to provide a better quality experience for our users. Whilst there are still many things we'd like to accomplish before we're 100% confident with our new site, we've decided we're at a point where we are satisified with deploying this as the new public website, and we will continue to work on the missing features to improve everyone's experience.

With the release of the new website, there have been many things that've changed alongside quite a few things we've had to take into consideration in order for us to have a stronger future. Below are a few highlights of the changes we've made to account for our new future!

  • Enabled SSL to our website(https) to ensure all connections are encrypted.
  • Improved the backend security of our website to account for any potential exploits and or other issues the old website might have had.
  • Improved the website's engine to allow for a faster performing website that'll be able to upkeep with quite a few of the new ideas we've got planned to implement over the next couple months.
  • Archived old database entries that were quite dated to reserve more space for our website's new features that are planned for later on.
  • Implemented mobile capability for the website for those users who can't resist not using our website on their mobile devices! 

If you've gotten this far into the post, you might be wondering why our website looks a bit more bare than it did a few months prior to today. Below you will find our explanation as to why some features have been removed/replaced with something else.

  • As of today we've discontinued our community forum as unfortunately it wasn't gaining enough traction to make them viable to continue utilizing and or upkeeping. 
  • For those users who were quite fascinated by some of our user control panel functions(bank logs, drop logs, checkpoints, etc), as of today they've been removed due to them being not extremely popular over the years.
  • The completionist/max cape designer has been disabled as we look into ways to overhaul it to be more engaging and meaningful to our community.

In other news, over the next few weeks we'll be keeping a close eye on the site applying necessary bug/security fixes that are deemed necessary to keep the health of the site. Alongside our back end maintenance, we do plan to still roll out quite a few more updates later this month. 

We appreciate everyone's support over the past months and are looking forward to helping you all throughout this year! Remember, the best way to get in touch with us is through our Twitter, @Maxcapedotcom or by joining our community discord server.

All the best,

Maxcape Team


Avatar raf42 Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Liking the new site. Small issue, if you click your username in the top right, the dropdown clips outside the screen bounds, forcing you to have to scroll over to it. To fix this issue, change "dropdown-menu" to "dropdown-menu dropdown-menu-right".

Also I'd love a dark theme/night mode.

But overall really impressed with the new layout!

Avatar minergoo Sunday, March 11, 2018

The website looks great! Thanks! I am glad to see this website back up and running.

Avatar reckles skil Thursday, March 08, 2018

New look amazing, great work. Was just wondering if there was going to be a feature added sometime in the future that allows oldschool players to track their progress on the site as well. Best of luck with future updates.

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