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2.05 B

Total Exp


Exp Remaining


Combat Level


Total Level
Skill Level Experience To Next Lvl Progress Rank
99 149,749,224 0
99 200,000,000 0
99 108,177,083 0
99 200,000,000 0
99 200,000,000 0
99 23,163,195 0
99 200,000,000 0
99 20,365,642 0
99 24,623,876 0
99 22,859,535 0
99 32,980,217 0
99 24,361,242 0
99 20,324,177 0
99 18,453,265 0
99 28,468,937 0
99 55,450,102 0
99 18,898,925 0
99 20,309,469 0
120 192,006,877 0
99 46,742,424 0
99 20,495,886 0
99 22,429,418 0
99 17,524,117 0
99 43,316,721 0
120 138,837,537 0
99 25,022,470 0
120 177,442,580 0
I killed Vindicta.
I killed Vindicta, atop her dragon Gorvek.
23-May-2019 18:30
150000000XP in Attack
I now have at least 150000000 experience points in the Attack skill.
23-May-2019 15:07
I killed 12 Magisters.
I killed 12 Magisters, the unkillable holder of the Crossing.
21-May-2019 08:32
I found some dragon platelegs
After killing a The Magister, it dropped some dragon platelegs.
21-May-2019 07:52
I killed 6 Magisters.
I killed 6 Magisters, the unkillable holder of the Crossing.
21-May-2019 07:52
I found a dragon plateskirt
After killing a The Magister, it dropped a dragon plateskirt.
21-May-2019 07:39
I killed 15 Magisters.
I killed 15 Magisters, the unkillable holder of the Crossing.
21-May-2019 07:39
192000000XP in Slayer
I now have at least 192000000 experience points in the Slayer skill.
19-May-2019 15:56
I found a granite maul
After killing a Gargoyle, it dropped a granite maul.
19-May-2019 15:49
108000000XP in Strength
I now have at least 108000000 experience points in the Strength skill.
17-May-2019 18:13
I found an ancient effigy
After killing a Unspeakable horror, it dropped an ancient effigy.
17-May-2019 13:46
I killed 7 Vindictas.
I killed 7 Vindictas, all heavily armoured dragon riders.
14-May-2019 21:52
I found a Dormant Anima Core Helm
After killing a Gorvek and Vindicta, it dropped a Dormant Anima Core Helm.
14-May-2019 21:22
I killed 33 Vindictas.
I killed 33 Vindictas, all heavily armoured dragon riders.
14-May-2019 21:22
148000000XP in Attack
I now have at least 148000000 experience points in the Attack skill.
13-May-2019 04:22
106000000XP in Strength
I now have at least 106000000 experience points in the Strength skill.
08-May-2019 05:54
138000000XP in Dungeoneering
I now have at least 138000000 experience points in the Dungeoneering skill.
07-May-2019 21:23
Improved my wildstalker helmet.
As a result of my victories in the Wilderness, my wildstalker helmet has improved.
07-May-2019 02:38
Improved my wildstalker helmet.
As a result of my victories in the Wilderness, my wildstalker helmet has improved.
06-May-2019 03:27
I killed Black Stone Dragon.
I killed an imposing, experimental monstrosity, the Black Stone Dragon.
30-Apr-2019 19:44
Quest Difficulty Quest Points Is Member? Status
A Fairy Tale I - Growing Pains Experienced 2 Completed
A Fairy Tale II - Cure a Queen Experienced 2 Completed
A Fairy Tale III - Battle at Ork's Rift Experienced 2 Completed
A Shadow over Ashdale Novice 1 Completed
A Soul's Bane Novice 1 Completed
A Tail of Two Cats Intermediate 2 Completed
A Void Dance Experienced 1 Completed
Abyss (miniquest) Intermediate 0 Completed
All Fired Up Intermediate 1 Completed
Animal Magnetism Intermediate 1 Completed
Another Slice of H.A.M. Intermediate 1 Completed
As a First Resort Experienced 1 Completed
Bar Crawl (miniquest) Intermediate 0 Completed
Beneath Cursed Tides Intermediate 1 Completed
Between a Rock... Experienced 2 Completed
Big Chompy Bird Hunting Intermediate 2 Completed
Biohazard Novice 3 Completed
Birthright of the Dwarves Grandmaster 2 Completed
Blood Runs Deep Master 2 Completed
Bringing Home the Bacon Novice 1 Completed
Broken Home Novice 1 Completed
Buyers and Cellars Novice 1 Completed
Cabin Fever Experienced 2 Completed
Call of the Ancestors Novice 1 Completed
Carnillean Rising Intermediate 1 Completed
Catapult Construction Master 2 Completed
Children of Mah Grandmaster 2 Completed
Clock Tower Novice 1 Completed
Cold War Intermediate 1 Completed
Contact! Master 1 Completed
Cook's Assistant Novice 1 Completed
Creature of Fenkenstrain Intermediate 2 Completed
Curse of the Black Stone Master 4 Completed
Dealing with Scabaras Master 1 Completed
Death Plateau Novice 1 Completed
Death to the Dorgeshuun Intermediate 1 Completed
Defender of Varrock Experienced 2 Completed
Demon Slayer Novice 3 Completed
Desert Treasure Master 3 Completed
Devious Minds Experienced 1 Completed
Diamond in the Rough Novice 1 Completed
Dimension of Disaster: Coin of the Realm Novice 1 Completed
Dishonour among Thieves Intermediate 2 Completed
Do No Evil Master 1 Completed
Dragon Slayer Experienced 2 Completed
Dream Mentor Master 2 Completed
Druidic Ritual Novice 4 Completed
Dwarf Cannon Novice 1 Completed
Eadgar's Ruse Experienced 1 Completed
Eagles' Peak Novice 2 Completed
Elemental Workshop I Novice 1 Completed
Elemental Workshop II Intermediate 1 Completed
Enakhra's Lament Experienced 2 Completed
Ernest the Chicken Novice 4 Completed
Family Crest Experienced 1 Completed
Fate of the Gods Grandmaster 2 Completed
Fight Arena Experienced 2 Completed
Fishing Contest Novice 1 Completed
Flag Fall (miniquest) Intermediate 0 Completed
Forgettable Tale of a Drunken Dwarf Intermediate 2 Completed
Forgiveness of a Chaos Dwarf Master 2 Completed
Garden of Tranquillity Intermediate 2 Completed
Gertrude's Cat Novice 1 Completed
Ghosts Ahoy Intermediate 2 Completed
Glorious Memories Master 1 Completed
Goblin Diplomacy Novice 5 Completed
Gower Quest Experienced 1 Completed
Gunnar's Ground Novice 5 Completed
Haunted Mine Experienced 2 Completed
Hazeel Cult Novice 1 Completed
Head of the Family (miniquest) Grandmaster 0 Completed
Heart of Stone Intermediate 1 Completed
Hero's Welcome Experienced 2 Completed
Heroes' Quest Experienced 1 Completed
Holy Grail Intermediate 2 Completed
Horror from the Deep Experienced 2 Completed
Icthlarin's Little Helper Intermediate 2 Completed
Imp Catcher Novice 1 Completed
Impressing the Locals Novice 1 Completed
In Aid of the Myreque Intermediate 2 Completed
In Pyre Need Experienced 1 Completed
In Search of the Myreque Intermediate 2 Completed
Jed Hunter (miniquest) Grandmaster 0 Completed
Jungle Potion Novice 1 Completed
Kennith's Concerns Intermediate 1 Completed
Kindred Spirits Experienced 1 Completed
King of the Dwarves Master 2 Completed
King's Ransom Experienced 1 Completed
Koschei's Troubles (miniquest) Grandmaster 0 Completed
Lair of Tarn Razorlor (miniquest) Experienced 0 Completed
Land of the Goblins Experienced 1 Completed
Legacy of Seergaze Experienced 2 Completed
Legends' Quest Master 4 Completed
Let Them Eat Pie Novice 1 Completed
Lost City Experienced 3 Completed
Love Story Master 2 Completed
Lunar Diplomacy Experienced 2 Completed
Making History Intermediate 3 Completed
Meeting History Intermediate 1 Completed
Merlin's Crystal Intermediate 6 Completed
Missing My Mummy Intermediate 1 Completed
Missing, Presumed Death Novice 2 Completed
Monk's Friend Novice 1 Completed
Monkey Madness Master 3 Completed
Mountain Daughter Intermediate 2 Completed
Mourning's End Part I Master 2 Completed
Mourning's End Part II Master 2 Completed
Murder Mystery Novice 3 Completed
My Arm's Big Adventure Intermediate 1 Completed
Nature Spirit Novice 2 Completed
Nomad's Elegy Master 1 Completed
Nomad's Requiem Grandmaster 3 Completed
Observatory Quest Novice 2 Completed
One of a Kind Grandmaster 1 Completed
One Piercing Note Novice 2 Completed
One Small Favour Experienced 2 Completed
Perils of Ice Mountain Novice 1 Completed
Pirate's Treasure Novice 2 Completed
Plague City Novice 1 Completed
Plague's End Grandmaster 2 Completed
Priest in Peril Novice 1 Completed
Quiet Before the Swarm Intermediate 1 Completed
Rag and Bone Man Novice 2 Completed
Recipe for Disaster Special 0 Completed
Recipe for Disaster: Another Cook's Quest Novice 1 Completed
Recipe for Disaster: Defeating the Culinaromancer Experienced 1 Completed
Recipe for Disaster: Freeing Evil Dave Intermediate 1 Completed
Recipe for Disaster: Freeing King Awowogei Experienced 1 Completed
Recipe for Disaster: Freeing Pirate Pete Intermediate 1 Completed
Recipe for Disaster: Freeing Sir Amik Varze Experienced 1 Completed
Recipe for Disaster: Freeing Skrach Uglogwee Intermediate 1 Completed
Recipe for Disaster: Freeing the Goblin Generals Novice 1 Completed
Recipe for Disaster: Freeing the Lumbridge Sage Intermediate 1 Completed
Recipe for Disaster: Freeing the Mountain Dwarf Novice 1 Completed
Recruitment Drive Novice 1 Completed
Regicide Master 3 Completed
Ritual of the Mahjarrat Grandmaster 3 Completed
River of Blood Grandmaster 3 Completed
Rocking Out Master 2 Completed
Roving Elves Master 1 Completed
Royal Trouble Experienced 1 Completed
Rum Deal Experienced 2 Completed
Rune Memories Novice 1 Completed
Rune Mysteries Novice 1 Completed
Salt in the Wound Intermediate 2 Completed
Scorpion Catcher Intermediate 1 Completed
Sea Slug Intermediate 1 Completed
Shades of Mort'ton Intermediate 3 Completed
Shadow of the Storm Intermediate 1 Completed
Sheep Herder Novice 4 Completed
Sheep Shearer (miniquest) Novice 0 Completed
Shield of Arrav Novice 1 Completed
Shilo Village Experienced 2 Completed
Sliske's Endgame Grandmaster 3 Completed
Smoking Kills Intermediate 1 Completed
Song from the Depths Novice 1 Completed
Spirit of Summer Intermediate 1 Completed
Spirits of the Elid Intermediate 2 Completed
Spiritual Enlightenment (miniquest) Grandmaster 0 Completed
Stolen Hearts Novice 3 Completed
Summer's End Experienced 1 Completed
Swan Song Master 2 Completed
Swept Away Novice 2 Completed
Tai Bwo Wannai Trio Intermediate 2 Completed
Tales of the God Wars (miniquest) Experienced 0 Completed
Tears of Guthix Intermediate 1 Completed
Temple of Ikov Experienced 1 Completed
The Blood Pact Novice 1 Completed
The Branches of Darkmeyer Master 2 Completed
The Brink of Extinction Grandmaster 3 Completed
The Chosen Commander Experienced 3 Completed
The Curse of Arrav Master 1 Completed
The Curse of Zaros (miniquest) Intermediate 0 Completed
The Darkness of Hallowvale Intermediate 2 Completed
The Death of Chivalry Novice 3 Completed
The Dig Site Intermediate 2 Completed
The Elder Kiln Master 2 Completed
The Eyes of Glouphrie Intermediate 2 Completed
The Feud Intermediate 1 Completed
The Firemaker's Curse Master 2 Completed
The Fremennik Isles Experienced 1 Completed
The Fremennik Trials Intermediate 3 Completed
The Giant Dwarf Intermediate 2 Completed
The Golem Intermediate 1 Completed
The Grand Tree Experienced 5 Completed
The Great Brain Robbery Experienced 2 Completed
The Hand in the Sand Intermediate 1 Completed
The Hunt for Surok (miniquest) Experienced 0 Completed
The Jack of Spades Novice 1 Completed
The Knight's Sword Intermediate 1 Completed
The Light Within Grandmaster 2 Completed
The Lord of Vampyrium Master 2 Completed
The Lost Tribe Intermediate 1 Completed
The Mighty Fall Master 2 Completed
The Path of Glouphrie Experienced 1 Completed
The Restless Ghost Novice 1 Completed
The Slug Menace Intermediate 1 Completed
The Tale of the Muspah Novice 1 Completed
The Temple at Senntisten Master 2 Completed
The Tourist Trap Intermediate 2 Completed
The Void Stares Back Grandmaster 1 Completed
The World Wakes Grandmaster 3 Completed
Throne of Miscellania Experienced 1 Completed
TokTz-Ket-Dill Experienced 1 Completed
Tower of Life Novice 2 Completed
Tree Gnome Village Intermediate 2 Completed
Tribal Totem Intermediate 1 Completed
Troll Romance Experienced 2 Completed
Troll Stronghold Experienced 1 Completed
Underground Pass Experienced 5 Completed
Unstable Foundations Novice 1 Completed
Vampyre Slayer Novice 3 Completed
Wanted! Intermediate 1 Completed
Watchtower Intermediate 4 Completed
Waterfall Quest Intermediate 1 Completed
What Lies Below Intermediate 1 Completed
What's Mine is Yours Novice 1 Completed
While Guthix Sleeps Grandmaster 5 Completed
Witch's House Intermediate 4 Completed
Within the Light Master 2 Completed
Zogre Flesh Eaters Intermediate 1 Completed
Dimension of Disaster Special 2 Started
Fur 'n Seek Novice 2 Started
Myths of the White Lands Novice 2 Started
Rat Catchers Intermediate 2 Started
Tales of Nomad (miniquest) Master 0 Started
'Phite Club Master 1 Not Eligible
A Clockwork Syringe Master 1 Not Started
A Guild of Our Own (miniquest) Master 0 Not Eligible
Back to my Roots Master 1 Not Started
Back to the Freezer Master 1 Not Eligible
Benedict's World Tour (miniquest) Intermediate 0 Not Started
Boric's Task I (miniquest) Intermediate 0 Not Started
Boric's Task II (miniquest) Intermediate 0 Not Eligible
Boric's Task III (miniquest) Experienced 0 Not Eligible
Chef's Assistant Novice 1 Not Started
Crocodile Tears Master 1 Not Started
Damage Control (miniquest) Grandmaster 0 Not Eligible
Deadliest Catch Master 1 Not Started
Desert Slayer Dungeon (miniquest) Intermediate 0 Not Started
Desperate Times Intermediate 3 Not Eligible
Dimension of Disaster: Curse of Arrav Master 1 Not Eligible
Dimension of Disaster: Defender of Varrock Experienced 2 Not Started
Dimension of Disaster: Demon Slayer Intermediate 3 Not Started
Dimension of Disaster: Shield of Arrav Novice 1 Not Started
Doric's Task I (miniquest) Novice 0 Not Started
Doric's Task II (miniquest) Novice 0 Not Eligible
Doric's Task III (miniquest) Intermediate 0 Not Eligible
Doric's Task IV (miniquest) Intermediate 0 Not Eligible
Doric's Task V (miniquest) Experienced 0 Not Eligible
Doric's Task VI (miniquest) Experienced 0 Not Eligible
Doric's Task VII (miniquest) Master 0 Not Eligible
Doric's Task VIII (miniquest) Master 0 Not Eligible
Elemental Workshop III Intermediate 1 Not Started
Elemental Workshop IV Intermediate 1 Not Eligible
Enlightened Journey Intermediate 1 Not Started
Evil Dave's Big Day Out Intermediate 2 Not Started
Eye for an Eye (miniquest) Grandmaster 0 Not Started
Final Destination (miniquest) Grandmaster 0 Not Eligible
From Tiny Acorns (miniquest) Novice 0 Not Started
Ghosts from the Past (miniquest) Grandmaster 0 Not Eligible
Grim Tales Master 1 Not Started
Harbinger (miniquest) Grandmaster 0 Not Eligible
Hopespear's Will (miniquest) Experienced 0 Not Started
Hunt for Red Raktuber Intermediate 1 Not Started
In Memory of the Myreque (miniquest) Grandmaster 0 Not Started
Lost Her Marbles (miniquest) Intermediate 0 Not Eligible
Mahjarrat Memories (miniquest) Grandmaster 0 Not Started
Nadir (saga) Experienced 0 Not Started
Olaf's Quest Intermediate 1 Not Started
One Foot in the Grave (miniquest) Master 0 Not Started
Our Man in the North Master 1 Not Eligible
Pieces of Hate Master 2 Not Eligible
Purple Cat (miniquest) Intermediate 0 Not Started
Rebuilding Edgeville (miniquest) Grandmaster 0 Not Started
Rune Mechanics Novice 1 Not Started
Some Like It Cold Experienced 1 Not Eligible
The General's Shadow (miniquest) Experienced 0 Not Started
The Lost Toys (miniquest) Grandmaster 0 Not Started
The Needle Skips Novice 1 Not Started
The Prisoner of Glouphrie Master 1 Not Started
Thok It To 'Em (saga) Experienced 0 Not Started
Thok Your Block Off (saga) Master 0 Not Started
Three's Company (saga) Intermediate 0 Not Started
Tuai Leit's Own (miniquest) Grandmaster 0 Not Eligible
Vengeance (saga) Intermediate 0 Not Started
Violet is Blue Novice 1 Not Started
Wandering Ga'al (miniquest) Grandmaster 0 Not Started
Witch's Potion (miniquest) Novice 0 Not Started
Wolf Whistle Novice 1 Not Started
You Are It Intermediate 1 Not Started