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Core Improvements

Posted by Brian on September 15, 2019

Hi Everyone! It's been quite some time since we've last caught everyone up on the improvements to our website. We've been quite busy with this update as it has overall taken a lot of energy. This update focuses on improving the weak spots contained within the website such as performance issues and general bug fixes. It's always nice to include new features, but we believe improving your user experience is just as important.

Homepage Updates:

  • Visual improvements when visiting the homepage on a mobile device.
  • Corrected several issues that caused the homepage to load slower than normal.

Profile Updates:

  • Fixed an issue that prevented experience to next level from being calculated incorrectly.
  • Added your percentage of completion below your user avatar.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented user profiles from throwing an error if the account is unable to be found.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented your clan from being displayed on your profile.

Clan Updates:

  • Fixed an issue that prevented clan profiles from being displayed.
  • Clans that do not exist no longer attempt to fetch data and now properly display an error page.
  • Fixed an issue that miscalculated the number of members in your clan.

Suggestion System:

We've implemented a system that better helps us gauge the features you'd like to see us add to the website. Our original method was quite clunky relying on Twitter messages or discord suggestions. We believe this new system will be the most reliable way for us to get a general idea as to what the most saught after features are for future updates.