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About Us

Maxcape is a RuneScape fansite and was originally founded by Evan(The Orange) in 2012. In 2017, Brian and Tyler took over ownership.

As a fansite, Maxcape aims to provide a modern service that focuses on aiding RuneScape players in as many ways as possible. We aim to stay up to date with the latest developments within RuneScape itself, and to make any changes to our service as needed.

Along with our service, our community and website endeavour is to make your stay a pleasant one. Our website is extensive and detailed on the information it provides, and we're always willing to make improvements to better serve our users. Our website is designed to aid any RuneScape player from a beginner all the way to an expert player. This whole website is maintained by a hard-working and active team. As always, feedback from our users is greatly appreciated and helps us revise our website as needed. Corrections, comments, or complaints about any of our content can be posted within our discord server.